Jim is a proven leader with principles and this is where he stands on the important issues.

The Economy

We have seen a voracious appetite for your tax dollar from the Governor and the DFL in St. Paul. In a time of surplus, the Governor and the DFL have advocated for a tax increase, and seem to be in love with the idea of taxing you to pay for light rail. I’ve been a strong voice for Main Street Minnesotan’s to lower business property tax, business tax, and income tax. We have seen businesses leaving Minnesota for more tax-friendly climates, we must continue to work to retain businesses, and create an environment that will foster new business growth.


I serve on the Transportation committee in the House and know that we have a huge challenge to provide for our Road and Bridge infrastructure. I have worked hard to fund roads and bridges across Minnesota for large and small cities, and townships. I have been a tireless critic of light rail, and will continue to do so. The cost is overwhelming, the subsidy is stifling, and we need to build and maintain our existing road and bridge network before we spend money on light rail.

Government Accountability

Serving on the State Government Finance committee I have seen so much government waste it makes my head spin. I have pushed for major reform and passed it in areas like our State IT, State Auditor, MNSure, and many others. I will continue to do so in my next term with your help.

Health Care

MNSure has been an utter failure that is hurting Minnesotan’s. I get lots of calls and emails every month from people who live in our area that are being denied coverage that they were told that they have. I have sat in committee meetings hearing from MNSure bureaucrats telling us that if we just give them a few hundred million more in funding, they can take care of some of the issues. The truth is that MNSure doesn’t work, audits have shown it doesn’t work, and it is hurting families here in Carver County.


I have been a strong voice in St. Paul for those that create jobs, and for lowering the taxes on businesses who struggle every day to employ people and pay a huge tax burden. As a small business owner myself, I understand the difficulties of employing good people and growing a business.


I went to public school, and so do my children. A quality education, grounded in the basics, is vital for our students. Our schools should be controlled at the local level, with direct input from parents, not by distant bureaucrats. I voted to send money directly to the classroom, protect teachers from attacks by students, and to keep Common Core from being more and more pervasive.


I believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. As the father of six children, I believe that every life is precious, and I will stand up to protect life. I have been rated 100% pro-life by MCCL.


I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and I believe that your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is worth protecting! I chief authored and passed a bill that is now law that allows Permit to Carry holders to not be caught up in a potential felony charge at the State Capitol by removing duplicative rules and steps when a lawful permit holder wishes to carry their firearm at the Capitol.